Monday, February 24, 2014

Kim and Lewi, from Bega

I’m Kim, 41 and my son Lewi, is 14. Lew has never been to school and has always unschooled. I first came across unschooling when Lew was 4 years old, at a time when I was deciding on where I would send him to school. The idea of school didn’t gel but I knew of no other option. I almost sent him to a Steiner school but after hours and hours of googling I stumbled across this US radical unschooler -Sandra Dodd! When I first found Sandra’s website I knew right away that unschooling was exactly what I wanted for Lew. I’ve never looked back.

We live on the far south coast of NSW on 3 acres just outside of a small town. I coordinate a local natural learners group which is really quite ecclectic but provides lovely fun things for Lew to do and cool people to hang out with. We’ve been a part of our local natural learners group since Lew was 5 and it’s definitely been a lovely part of our lives.

Lew loves drawing and wildlife. He also into snorkeling and swimming and gaming. His favourite games at the moment are Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite and Fall Out 3. He goes to an art class once a week and he’s also recently started learning guitar.

I really enjoy hanging out with Lew, pottering in the gardening, blogging, writing and homey stuff.

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of unschoolers at the Melbourne conference. I’m excited to be finally meeting Sandra in person and hearing her speak amongst a group of parents who share the same sorts of ideas about parenting and learning. It’s going to be fun!

Kim x

Here's an interview Kim did with me a few years ago. An unschooling surprise: Sandra Dodd is in the house! From there you can see other things on her blog. :-) —Sandra

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