Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keelie Reader, Alexis Fischler and Jack (5)

Our family profile

Dad: Alexis
Mum: Keelie
Son: Jack

We're an international family living in Melbourne - my husband is Argentinean, I'm English and my son is Australian. I've been reading about unschooling for the past four years. My husband has been hearing about it for the same amount of time! I'm learning about peace, playfulness and joy and realising that the more I know the less I know. It's a slow process for me.

Our son is five and - ironically - has just started primary school. He was very keen to go and I was (mostly) keen to support that. We are three weeks in and while it's quite an emotional time for him, he is still keen to go. He says he wants to try homeschooling at some point but not yet. I like that he is making the choice to go. I am still keen to prepare us for unschooling at some point in the future and make his home life as sweet as possible.

My husband works in construction. I work part-time as a writer and editor. My son loves computer games and is currently watching heaps of gamers on YouTube. He particularly likes the Lego games and Minecraft. He likes to draw and play Lego. He loves superheroes like Batman and Ben 10.

We are looking forward to learning more about unschooling!

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