Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holly, Peck, Moss and Lotus

Hi we are Holly, Peck, Moss and Lotus and we are unschooling in Maleny QLD. We lived in a house truck travelling and working, from when Moss was 2 years old, up until this year when we wanted a change and base in a town. We love connecting with more people in the homeschooling community and the kinds of things you can get in to when you have a place you live in for a good stretch of time.

We have seen much of Australia and some of the world including Indonesia, Morocco, Europe (Spain, Portugal, France) , England and Thailand as a family and hope to go to the Unschooling Bali Adventure later this year.

Moss is 6 and a half and he loves gaming, he is really into YouTube and Minecraft, Pokemon, YuGiOh, pizza, weapons and movies, he is happy and active loves to play on our neighbours go cart they have a cool little down sloping driveway that absolutely rocks for speed and the buzz of go carting fast!. Lotus is now 3 and loves to dress up, craft out with me, play with animals and barbies, watch movies and visit the zoo as often as we can, we garden together and cook together most days.

Peck works away, in North Queensland pruning coconut palms. He is building a business that he hopes to expand enough and getting it running in a way that he doesn't require his physical presence so much. He is working towards dream of a global adventure climbing company and will be holding unschooling climbing camps as soon as he can! Currently he is studying for his "trainers and assessors " certificate so that he is legally able to show kids the joys of climbing and abseiling!

I love being with the kids as we explore life and what inspires us!

We are all coming along to the Gold Coast symposium and we look forward to connecting with old and new friends!

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