Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aneeta's family, coming to the Gold Coast event

We are a family of six.
Mum: Aneeta
Dad: Kelly
Kirsten, 8
Owen, 6
Macey, 2

We live on a beef cattle property in central Queensland. I first read
about unschooling in a natural parenting magazine 6 years ago. The
article mentioned John Holt and John Taylor Gatto. After reading all
their books we decided not to send our kids to school.

Our eldest daughter Tamsin was enrolled in a private distance education course
for Grade 1 (until we got braver) but the curriculum was a waste of
time. We are looking forward to meeting other unschoolers as we are a
very rare species where we live.

We are in a very bad drought at the moment so if everyone can send us
lots of rain vibes that would be much appreciated!!

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  1. Hello, I am interested to meet you as I am considering UnSchooling my Autistic Child. Since he commenced School almost 5 years ago, he has learned profanity and bullying because Autistic Children are very influenced visually and audibly.

    I want to get off the Schooling roundabout and would love assistance in how to arrange this, as I am aware that the Government links in regards to Queensland has changed and it seems they are toughening up. I am on the Gold Coast and if i get the chance to meet you I would love that very much. I am uncertain as to where the conference will be held and the details. Please help from MariAnne.

    You can email me directly at
    Warmest regards from MariAnne