What to Bring

Toys for children, very quiet toys, if you bring toys.

Food: Finger food that involves zero bowls, spoons, forks. Finger food. (We'll bring plates.)
      Gold Coast only: no peanut products at all, please

Drinks: Maybe just your own, maybe something to share (We'll bring cups.)

A piece of paper—thin and large, like tissue wrapping paper, or a couple of paper towels, or a piece of cheap art paper (not thick or expensive). Maybe a cloth, like a thin scarf or a small tablecloth would do, too, for this. A large handkerchief. You get to keep it, I just want something that can be folded and unfolded in the hands of each participant, and they don't need to match. If you can bring one for each adult in your group, and maybe an extra for people who forget or never see this request, that would be nice. (Newspaper would work, or wrapping paper.)

DAY 2: Your name badge, if you've taken it away. Forgetful people are welcome to leave them with me overnight.

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