Thursday, February 27, 2014

Donna, Martin, Liam and Quinton

(Donna didn't say, but her family is coming from Fremantle WA, to the Adelaide gathering. —Sandra)

Our family- Donna, Martin, Liam (7) and Quinton (Quin 4).

About six years ago a friend loaned me a John Holt book, which helped me understand that children (people!) can continue to learn naturally beyond early childhood. It seems obvious now, but it was a revelation at the time! Since then I have had the pleasure of being with my children, without the interruption of school, as they naturally and happily learn with the support of myself and my husband.

To introduce my family a little more-
Liam enjoys Minecraft and playing games generally, with us and friends. He likes watching YouTube and is building his own channel. He also likes swimming, Pokémon, movies, trampolining, anime and manga, jokes and making new friends.

Quin likes Pokémon, Minecraft, swimming, climbing, exploring, and Ben 10. He loves animals and enjoys playing with Lego, knights and action figures.

Martin likes reading (particularly history), boxing, brewing beer, swimming, music, travelling, trying new whiskeys and being with his family.

I enjoy dancing, singing (so glad my children believe I am a fabulous singer!), travelling, reading, thinking deeply, yoga and being with my family and friends.

I am really pleased that I have this chance to meet Sandra and I am looking forward to spending time with new (to me) homeschooling families.


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