Sunday and Monday March 16-17
Stirling RSL Hall, 10am - 4pm

Jo Isaac will be speaking a time or two, so this schedule will be changed a bit, probably.

Possibly another activity one evening, and maybe something Tuesday.

Jo Isaac and JoAnne Foster are local coordinators.

SUNDAY, March 16

10:00 a.m. pick up name badges, set snack foods out
10:30 Intro, and Choosing to make choices, Sandra Dodd

11:30 sorting game and a break

1:00 Jo Isaac

2:00 Connections — Sandra Dodd

leading into Twenty Questions, and dividing the universe in half

3:00-4:00 Q&A, clean up

MONDAY, March 17

10:00 pick up name badges, set snack foods out, chit chat

10:30 Being partners rather than adversaries — Sandra Dodd

11:30 Jo Isaac

1:00 Crediting our inspirations (voluntary audience participation)

2:00 Sandra Dodd on something serious, yet funny.

Followed by Q&A

3:00, goodbye, clean up and out by 4:00