Monday, February 24, 2014

Annie Regan's family

Annie the mom will be at the Melbourne symposium, but the intro covers the whole family.

We are a family of five, living on a vineyard in the Yarra Valley, just outside of Melbourne.
I'm Annie, stay-at-home mum, Dad is Tony, who works in a winery, and we have Caitlin, 9, LiAM, 7 and Millie 4.

We have always unschooled - the ideas of unschooling fit so well with my ideas about parenting so it was a natural progression. I did get side-tracked for a few years by trying to control non-academic things like food and tv, but the more I explored radical unschooling the more it resonated with me and I have learnt to make decisions based on peacefullness, joy and learning rather than fear and it is wonderful.

Caitlin enjoys dancing, making jewelry, reading, music, and hanging out with people (she is the most social person I know, and she can quickly reassure people when they ask the 'what about socialisation' question). LiAM loves animals, Minecraft and The Avengers and has always questioned things deeply - he probably helped me discover radical unschooling more quickly than I might have otherwise. Millie loves puzzles,books and imaginative games and is amazing at expressing what she thinks (which is usually quite unique).

We also have a dog, a kitten, 8 chickens, a rooster and 6 chicks. I run a local homeschooling group (and a couple of other community groups) and we have a lot of interaction with other homeschooling families, and spend lots of time at the library, the park, the zoo, or hanging out at home.

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