Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Melbourne
Claire Horsley and Vanessa Orsborne are local coordinators.

About the schedule:
1) It's tentative and might change.
2) Details will be added.
2) If people's presentations are short, the next person might begin, or we might take the opportunity for questions. Because we're all in one room, don't count on the times as much as the order of speakers.

Saturday, March 22

10:00 a.m. registration begins IN THE PARK OUTSIDE and there are some introductory activities we can do outside.

12:30, we can take our food and ourselves inside the building for the rest of the day, so we'll be ready at 12:20 to flow in there.

12:45 or so, Intro and orientation by Claire Horsley

1:00-2:00 or so, Sandra Dodd

2:15 or so to 3:00ish Karen Lee Ahern (who goes by Karen Lee online and Karen Ahern otherwise, and I'm including both)

3:15-4:15 or so, a round of intro and gratitude/recognition of some who aren't there who inspired us (people can pass)

4:30-5:30 Sandra Dodd

We need to straighten up and leave by 6:00.
Leave name badges if you want to, or take them carefully away.

Sunday, March 23

Announcements and Review
Reminders and inspiration. What helps? What is solid?

11:00 Jo Isaac

12:00 a break to check on kids, talk, rearrange, walk

1:00 "Natural Learning," an intro, and Sandra Dodd asking people to tell a story
about when they saw natural learning with such clarity that they were changed
(people can pass)

The afternoon is going to involve follow-up for some things that have gone by, and there will be time for lots of questions.

By then I will know what some of the people are wondering about and the last session should be able to pick up loose ends and unaddressed subjects.

5:00 cleanup and rearrangement of the room, exchanging info and good byes, so we can be out at 6:00.

Sunday, March 23

Jo Isaac and Karen Lee will be speaking and the schedule will be determined as they decide on topics. I'll work around them.

Each day will have at least two presentations by me, and a workshop with audience participation. There will be time for lots of questions and answers.

My topics are likely to be about the importance of being positive, being a child's partner, how these things make life better not just for the child, but the parent, and the family.

I always like to talk about how connections are the basis of learning, and how to improve the flow of making those connections.