Sunday, November 17, 2013

What and where and when?

This is Sandra Dodd in New Mexico, who will be temporarily, next March, Sandra Dodd in Australia.

These Always Learning Live (ALLive) plans have a few nebulous edges yet, but are firming up.

What is certain is that in each place there will be two days (or a little more) of presentations, discussions and workshops about learning, facililtating peace and growth in our unschooling families, and making connections in space and time. How can good unschooling parents be even better? How can unschooling principles make our lives better in broader and long-lasting ways?

Supporters of ALLive in Australia don't need to be people who can attend. We can provide information and connections of value to people who are too far away to attend, or who aren't even in Australia. But those who are within range to attend can come to one, two or three of the planned gatherings:

Adelaide March 16-17 (a Sunday and Monday)

Melbourne March 22-23 (Saturday and Sunday)

Gold Coast March 28-29 (Friday and Saturday)

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